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Mercedes-Maybach S-класс w222

Body Sedan
b3bdbe3dfa Color Black
gas-filler Fuel type Gasoline
9950671706 Gearbox Automatic
calendar Year 2016
doors Doors 4
forum-user Passengers 3
da8f7d1e51 Hand luggage 3
7ace41b5b2.jpg Suitcases 3
engine Engine Volume
gas-level Fuel consumption

0aa4610dc5 Additional options:

  • exclusive design of a front grille
  • triangular side windows on a back stand
  • a multimedia for passengers behind
  • recognition of a marking
  • construction of back doors
  • 9 safety cushions
  • control system of dead bands
  • system of preventive braking
  • the space for legs is increased
  • exclusive design of a front grille
  • the front head restraint of a front seat is removed on the right, improving the review of passengers behind

Comfortability of salon:

  • seats are decomposed to the utmost, forming a berth for passengers of back seats
  • heating and ventilation of all seats
  • function of massage for passengers of back seats
  • 24 speakers of an audio system
  • a support for legs
  • pulverization of exclusive spirits
  • acoustics of Burmester Surround-Soundsystem
  • thanks to electroregulations of a seat 5 degrees can deviate on an angle 43,
  • all optics - LEDs!
  • removable head restraint of a front right seat
  • BAS+ emergency brake system
  • The DVD-CHANGER on 6 disks
  • the DU panel for Comand
  • closers of doors
  • toning of back glasses


1 hour 72euro; / 148 rubles
a transfer across Minsk 96 euro; / 197 rubles
a transfer in the airport 144  euro; / 296 rubles
10 of h across Minsk 575  euro; / 1184 rubles
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